Gifts for Seniors

"Be generous, and the favor will be returned." Having recently moved, I realized something: I've got a lot of junk. (Of course, I still boxed everything up, and it's all sitting prettily in my garage.) Sometimes when I get a gift nowadays, I think, Do I really need this extra thing? If I fast forwarded a couple of decades, what would really count? It makes me wonder about the best gifts for seniors. Here are some ideas. The article talks about presents of value, and some other options to … [Read more...]

Caring through Chocolate

"In being kind to others, you will receive kindness back." Sometimes you've gotta find innovative ways to help people. I've been through my fair share of fundraisers, showcasing expensive kitchen gadgets, fancy wrapping paper, and decadent foodstuffs (although my hubby said he grew up peddling oranges to raise money). How did organizers in Licking County (great name, by the way) assist seniors? By creating a chocolate festival. Proceeds helped residents aged 60 and over to pay off … [Read more...]

Seniors Around the World

As part of the challenge of "5 Photos, 5 Stories" (by Evelyne's invitation), I'm presenting my five memories of meeting seniors during recent travels: 1) Los Angeles, CA During a volunteer reading at a local senior home, this resident came my way. He has actually been through the traumatic event which inspired my first novel, The 228 Legacy. I was honored to meet him, and the residents' director later told me was really excited to hear me read. 2) Monterey Park, CA  During … [Read more...]

Wii Games Help Seniors

"Be prepared for extra energy." A recent study found that "exergames" may help older adults stay active. Video games like Wii Sports or Wii Fit (which uses a board to do the exercises) can help senior citizens get fit. I've also found success with those kind of Wii games. I've had my fair share of gym time, but I'm what you might call a shy member. There are things that don't jive with me in that environment, such as: Locker rooms: They remind me of gym class in junior high, and I … [Read more...]

Roomba and Beyond

"The near future holds a fine gift of contentment." According to my husband, I've been remiss by not highlighting the "geriatric twist" part of my above tagline, so I'm here to remedy that today. Confession: I still use an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner, but I've thought about the advantages of owning a Roomba. Thanks to innovative minds, there are so many devices out there to make life easier. This idea is doubly true for seniors. An amazing machine might be a perk for us now, but a … [Read more...]