Mind Clutter

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember." Summer's here! (Today's the official first day.) That means I don't have to indulge in spring cleaning anymore. We all realize that it's important to clear out our home once in a while, but what about our brains? A recent study from the Georgia Institute of Technology funded by the NSF indicates that people may be less sure of their memories when extra information floats around their heads. Participants aged 60 and older were often unsure of their … [Read more...]

Eating as we Age

"Fortune cookie say: You will find happiness in mind and heart." I grew up with the food pyramid, which morphed into MyPlate (2011). This is a plate symbol that's divided into unequal quadrants and shows a healthy diet. Now, this chart has been revised for older adults. It still encourages variety in foods (easy rule: make sure to dine on plenty of colors!). Here a few interesting highlights for eating as we age: Use frozen veggies (they're convenient and have an equivalent nutritional … [Read more...]

Facebook’s For Older Adults, Too!

"You will always be surrounded by true friends." Happy Older Americans Month! Do you think technology's just for the young? Nope. There's an upward trend in those 65 and up to connect via social networks. Apparently, senior users love to be on Facebook for "surveillance" purposes--to see how kids and grandkids are doing. I think the communication can go both ways. Find out how your favorite older adult is doing by looking online! Fun fact: Chatting and wall posting are primary activities … [Read more...]

Gifts for Seniors

"Be generous, and the favor will be returned." Having recently moved, I realized something: I've got a lot of junk. (Of course, I still boxed everything up, and it's all sitting prettily in my garage.) Sometimes when I get a gift nowadays, I think, Do I really need this extra thing? If I fast forwarded a couple of decades, what would really count? It makes me wonder about the best gifts for seniors. Here are some ideas. The article talks about presents of value, and some other options to … [Read more...]

Senior Living, Star-Trek Style

"Tomorrow your creative side will shine forth with exceptional ideas." Okay, maybe not exactly like Star Trek, but there are some cool developments for senior living. When your entire apartment is a medical monitor, can robust health be maintained? One new live-in-laboratory in Texas examines this idea. It boasts amenities, like: face recognition software (to analyze skin color and potential health issues) keyless entry sensors-studded floor (monitors the body 50 times a … [Read more...]

Got Scammed?

"Beware of an offer that sounds too good to be true." I think we've all heard about money schemes involving older adults. Prizes are promised in "enter to win" notices (and the actual terms and conditions are written in fine print). Nowadays, there are dangerous Internet lurkers. Online dating sites have been a ripe opportunity for those ready to lure in unsuspecting seniors. People masquerading as potential love interests ask the elderly for their money. I've been a victim of … [Read more...]