Caring through Chocolate

“In being kind to others, you will receive kindness back.”

chocolate sign

Sometimes you’ve gotta find innovative ways to help people. I’ve been through my fair share of fundraisers, showcasing expensive kitchen gadgets, fancy wrapping paper, and decadent foodstuffs (although my hubby said he grew up peddling oranges to raise money).

How did organizers in Licking County (great name, by the way) assist seniors? By creating a chocolate festival. Proceeds helped residents aged 60 and over to pay off delinquent utility bills. The event sounded like a big hit, as all ages of people attended and participated.

Name a favorite food festival you’ve attended. 

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  1. A chocolate festival–could there be a more delicious fundraiser? I think not!

    My hubs and I rarely attend parties or gatherings, but we do go to our hospital’s annual Christmas Tree Festival. They always have a good meal, but the real treat are the endless displays of desserts. So beautifully made and so tasty. Gets even an introvert out of the house!

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