Caring through Chocolate

"In being kind to others, you will receive kindness back." Sometimes you've gotta find innovative ways to help people. I've been through my fair share of fundraisers, showcasing expensive kitchen gadgets, fancy wrapping paper, and decadent foodstuffs (although my hubby said he grew up peddling oranges to raise money). How did organizers in Licking County (great name, by the way) assist seniors? By creating a chocolate festival. Proceeds helped residents aged 60 and over to pay off … [Read more...]

Calendar Girls in America

"Many admire your social and physical appearance." That's right. Seniors in America are raising money using provocative calendars. An Ohio assisted living center is trying to help kids in need of shoes. Read more about the effort from Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living here. Let me tell you, I absolutely loved Calendar Girls when it first came out. (As an aside, Helen Mirren is an amazing actress in all of her films.) Anyway, I'm really glad that the movie and the recent calendar effort … [Read more...]