Roomba and Beyond

“The near future holds a fine gift of contentment.”


According to my husband, I’ve been remiss by not highlighting the “geriatric twist” part of my above tagline, so I’m here to remedy that today.

Confession: I still use an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner, but I’ve thought about the advantages of owning a Roomba.

Thanks to innovative minds, there are so many devices out there to make life easier. This idea is doubly true for seniors. An amazing machine might be a perk for us now, but a necessity as we age. Newer inventions for older adults include telehealth monitoring systems, medication-dispensing units, and automatic turn-off appliances.

Companies like Honda and Toyota are even working on robots that will help with our daily activities of living. (Reminds me of the delightful film, Robot & Frank.) I, for one, am waiting for the mass production of self-driving cars.

What new invention are you looking forward to?

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  1. I read about a cruise ship that has (or will have–not sure if it’s out yet) a robot bartender. Kind of creepy. Imagine him plopping an olive into your martini. :)

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