Foodie Friday: Taiwanese Meatball

Taiwanese meatball (ba wan): steamed gelatinous dumpling


My husband loves these meatballs, but I still think they’re an acquired taste. They have a savory filling (usually of pork, bamboo, and mushrooms) that’s wrapped in a steamed outer shell. Unlike the firm texture of wonton skins, the outer covering yields a gooey texture (because it’s made from sweet potato and rice flour). Think: mochi, but with a saltier inside.

The meatballs are quite big, larger than their Italian counterparts, and too hard to consume in a few bites. Eating ba wan requires a knife and fork, particularly since they can float in a chili sauce. A garnish of parsley completes this food of interesting contrasts (firm meat with chewy outside).

Any oversized foods (meatballs or otherwise) that you’ve tried?


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  1. Veronica Roth says

    Never tried it, but the way you describe it, it actually sounds really yummy. I’ll be on the look out next time we’re out somewhere Taiwanese. :D

  2. I don’t eat red meat, so when I make spaghetti and meatballs, I use ground turkey breast. With the right seasonings, they taste great to me, but I’m not sure my teen sons agree…

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      I’ve done meatballs and burgers with turkey before. Pretty good! Turkey bacon, though, does not compare with the pork version.

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