Foodie Friday: Tofu Toast

My first…

Tofu toast: bread made out of tofu

tofu toast

I was invited by Veronica Roth to do her toast challenge, which is about combining a photo or sketch with “an ode to your breakfast.” Since I already blogged about Taiwan toast before, I thought I’d do something more innovative.

In the aisles of my local Japanese market, I found a different kind of bread. Made from tofu, it’s got the smoothness of white bread. However, it also exhibits a nice firmness that reveals its true origins. The bread provides a hearty flavor (like a lighter wheat), and extra flax seeds add to this impression.

Fun fact of the day: Tofu means bean curd, but the fu can be translated as “rotten.”

But this tofu toast is delicious, and I give it a thumb’s up!



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  1. Veronica Roth says

    Well, I’ve seen all sorts of tofu products but never tofu toast! That actually sounds really nice. I know sometimes C and I get on a kick of gluten free silliness, (just because it sounds faddy and…you know…so West Coast), and we get into the brown rice breads etc…but they aren’t that very nice at all. Next time I think we’ll give old rotten beans a try. :D Thank you so much for playing along. :D

  2. How interesting! I’m always on the lookout for something for my Vegan Son. We have one Japanese market in my city of almost 170K; hopefully I can find it there.

  3. Never seen or eaten a tofu bread. That combination bean curd and rotten makes me smile. I’d like to try this bread.

  4. Tofu bread. Interesting. I wonder what the fiber content is.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Not sure, Carrie. Too bad they didn’t have a nutritional info panel on the wrapper. It would be interesting to know.

  5. the great thing about these DC’s is, not just fun and joy but one learns about unknown things too, it sounds good Carrie.

  6. I have never heard of this bread. So glad you are happy with it, fun to learn of something new.

  7. Hi Jennifer. Nice to meet you on this Drawing Challenge.
    I’ve never seen tofu bread in any of our stores in town but I’m going to check to see if anyone on Vancouver Island carries it. I hope so!

  8. Uh, wow! I must have some of that bread!!! It looks so good!

  9. hi and nice to meet you!
    but tofu toast?….
    never seen or eaten it
    although it looks and sounds nice

  10. mhmmmm… tempting to taste this… i shall not find this easily over here, i guess.
    lovely to meet you! n?

  11. Romelle Broas says

    I’ve never seen this bread! I must go find it. I love “rotten curd.” LoL.

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