Playgrounds–Not Just for Kids!

"Keep an eye open for an opportunity in the field of sports." I'm the kind of girl who thought making it across the monkey bars, one rung at a time, was a great feat. I was the child who couldn't do a single pull-up on the chinning bar. Even today, as I watch little kids tumble and cartwheel and do the splits, I'm in awe. Playgrounds were no friend to me growing up. Except for the swings, which I loved. I'm still a fraidy cat when going down those super twisty slides and hazarding bumps to … [Read more...]

Brain Games

"Luck favors prepared mind." It's true that you can learn new things in life. For example, my neighbor challenged himself to build harps in his spare time. Now, he's got over a dozen models and volunteers his time playing at the local hospital to cheer up patients. Some scientists also tout games as a way to boost mental capacity. There are both arguments for and against a new surge in apps and other puzzles in order to keep minds active. Recently, I saw (and purchased) this new card … [Read more...]