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“Luck favors prepared mind.”

Sushi Go

It’s true that you can learn new things in life. For example, my neighbor challenged himself to build harps in his spare time. Now, he’s got over a dozen models and volunteers his time playing at the local hospital to cheer up patients.

Some scientists also tout games as a way to boost mental capacity. There are both arguments for and against a new surge in apps and other puzzles in order to keep minds active.

Recently, I saw (and purchased) this new card game at Target. It’s Sushi Go! and involves creating sushi platters (rolls, sashimi, tempura). It’s pretty fun trying to outwit other players by creating the best food combos to get the most points. It also takes calculation and awareness of how other people are playing. And be forewarned: It can make you hungry!

What’s one of your favorite games to play?

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