Being One’s Cup of Tea at a Writer’s Conference

Hahpsaai Hohche: meeting people’s needs, being one’s cup of tea (lit. sing every note right)

This expression refers to Chinese music.  Hahpsaai means everything is right.  When every note is correct and the singers and musicians work well together, people say hahpsaai hohche

*First things first, though: the winner of the photo contest is picture A (you can see it reflected in my profile).  It was a close call, though, A edging out picture C by one vote.

At the Writer’s Digest West conference this Saturday, I hope to be a match (cup of tea) with one of the literary agents there.  The Pitch Slam allows me to talk face-to-face with an agent, but I know that the meeting just gets me a foot in the door.  Statistics are not particularly high for obtaining an agent through these means (see my previous post).  If I don’t try, though, I won’t even get the opportunity.

I’m also excited about the chance to meet other writers and network with them.  In preparation for this, I ordered ten free business cards from  (They are absolutely free, including shipping, but they do place a small company insignia on the back of the card.)

I’m looking forward to next week’s post when I return from the conference.  I’ll share what I learned, the people I met, and any agents who liked my pitch.  

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Writer's Digest West Conference- First Impressions


  1. Good luck, Jennifer!

  2. Let us know how this goes for you.
    Love the Moo cards, thanks for the link. They look great.
    Now go get ’em!

  3. Good luck! I agree with you- you’ve got to try and start somewhere. Thanks for sharing your experience with us- great idea on the moo cards! What us poor writers need to know about!

  4. I’ve loved Moo cards since my friend Julie from moments of perfect clarity introduced them to me. It’s just great to have a company make so many wonderful images for such a low price. Speaking of tea and music, my daughter Chloe and I went to an intimate little concert last night, Alison Sudal of A Fine Frenzy. She had the most enormous cup of tea with her on stage and kept taking little sips. There’s something decadent about having both hands round a nice hot cup of tea bigger than your head, isn’t there? :)

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