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Soujausi: troubles left behind/unfinished things

During the Tang dynasty, a poet named Lauh Yuh Sehk (A.D. 772-843) achieved the chisi rank (equal to provincial governor) in Soujau.  There he saw a beautiful girl called Douh Waih Leuhng, who was the minister of public works’ concubine.  He wrote her this poem:

  She sets her cloudy hair in the most popular style,
  The songs which she sings are as soft as spring breezes.
  Minister Leih will take it as a very usual thing since he sees her very often,
  But I will miss her so much that I will become broken-hearted.

Finally, she was gone and left the the Soujau(chi)si behind.

Speaking of unfinished things, I’m exploring round two of my author photos in this post.  I’m letting readers decide which of these headshots I should use:


Select your favorite (A,B, or C), and I’ll replace my profile picture with your choice.  Happy voting! 

p.s. As an extra, here’s a smiling version of me in my qipao:

Our Fears
Being One's Cup of Tea at a Writer's Conference


  1. I just love smile A in your qipao B. But my favorite is the last one, the smiling version.
    PS> did you refer to your dress as something other than quipao in a former post?

  2. I agree. I like the smile in #3.

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