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Lihngse Mtuhng: to be unique or look differentLihngse comes from a term which means arranging to stay in better lodging.Prince Maahng Seuhng, a nobleman during the Warring States Period, liked to invite talented people to his house and provide them with food and lodging. A poor man named Fuhng Hyun also went to seek refuge with him. Since he looked like an ordinary man, he was put in the lower lodging. There the food was poor, and after a few days, Fuhng Hyun hit his sword and said, "Let me go! … [Read more...]

The Book Trailer: A Visual Sneak Peek

Haapchou: to be jealous (lit. take a sip of vinegar)In ancient China, there was an emperor who wanted to give one of his female attendants as a concubine to a loyal minister. The minister did not dare accept because his wife was a jealous woman. The emperor called the woman to court and asked her, "I'm going to give your husband a concubine. Will you say yes or no?" "No, Your Majesty," she said. "I would rather die." The emperor said, "Well then, I'll give you a cup of poison." He told his … [Read more...]

Photos Revisited

Soujausi: troubles left behind/unfinished thingsDuring the Tang dynasty, a poet named Lauh Yuh Sehk (A.D. 772-843) achieved the chisi rank (equal to provincial governor) in Soujau.  There he saw a beautiful girl called Douh Waih Leuhng, who was the minister of public works' concubine.  He wrote her this poem:   She sets her cloudy hair in the most popular style,  The songs which she sings are as soft as spring breezes.  Minister Leih will take it as a very usual thing since he sees her very … [Read more...]

Splendid Spanish Sights

Jeukhei Luhngpouh Dou Mchih Taaiji: even if you wear a dragon robe, you won't look like the crown princeIn ancient China, ordinary people used cotton clothes while high-ranking leaders wore official attire.  The king and crown prince, though, could put on a dragon robe (luhngpouh).Before traveling to Spain, my husband and I debated about clothing choices.  Should we wear shorts, or would that be too odd and informal?  I settled on a combination of shorts, jeans, and skirts.  What about … [Read more...]

Soaking up Spain

Paakto: to go out, date The Pearl River runs through the city of Guangdong (previously Canton).  Due to its wide banks and its busy water traffic, people use a special way to pull boats through the river.  They place two boats side by side and tie them together with ropes.  When one of them moves, the other follows.  This method is called Paakto, and the term is also used to describe lovers who walk hand in hand.Sun Moon Lake, TaiwanI am proof that you can still paakto after marriage.  My … [Read more...]