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Lihngse Mtuhng: to be unique or look differentLihngse comes from a term which means arranging to stay in better lodging.Prince Maahng Seuhng, a nobleman during the Warring States Period, liked to invite talented people to his house and provide them with food and lodging. A poor man named Fuhng Hyun also went to seek refuge with him. Since he looked like an ordinary man, he was put in the lower lodging. There the food was poor, and after a few days, Fuhng Hyun hit his sword and said, "Let me go! … [Read more...]

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Jouhdou Jek Kehk Gam: to work very hard During the Spring and Autumn Annals, civil disorder erupted in the state of Chaih. A prince called Chuhng Yih was exiled, and his loyal servant named Gaai Ji Teui accompanied him. While traveling, they constantly suffered from hunger. Once, they asked a farmer for some food, but the farmer only laughed at them. The prince wanted to kill him, but Gaai Ji Teui stopped him. After awhile, the servant brought the prince a bowl of meat soup, which the prince … [Read more...]

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Jouhdung: to play hostDung stands for the abbreviated version of "dungjyu," or "host of the east." In the story of Jo Jyuhn, a commentary on The Spring and Autumn Annals, the state of Jehng was about to be attacked. Jehng's king sent an envoy to persuade his enemies to stop. He argued that it would be better for Jehng to remain unscathed. Then, in the future, Jehng could act as a "host to receive your envoys when they travel eastwards and you won't suffer any loss." After receiving the message, … [Read more...]