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Jouhdung: to play host

Dung stands for the abbreviated version of “dungjyu,” or “host of the east.” In the story of Jo Jyuhn, a commentary on The Spring and Autumn Annals, the state of Jehng was about to be attacked. Jehng’s king sent an envoy to persuade his enemies to stop. He argued that it would be better for Jehng to remain unscathed. Then, in the future, Jehng could act as a “host to receive your envoys when they travel eastwards and you won’t suffer any loss.” After receiving the message, the troops did not end up invading Jehng.

A sign of a good host.

What is the parallel in the online writing world? Bloggers and guest bloggers.

I was recently offered the chance to guest blog on another person’s site. At first, I was scared to accept. What would I say, and how could I contribute to their blog? When I started writing, though, I realized how freeing it was to delve into another topic without my typical constraints (e.g. my blog’s use of Chinese expressions and intermingling of history). It was also challenging, but in a good way, like how writing short stories differs from penning novels.

I had so much fun that I’m offering the chance to others. I want to jouhdung, too. Anybody interested in writing a guest post for my blog? I’m excited to see your creative efforts!

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