Upcoming Changes to my Website

Lihngse Mtuhng: to be unique or look different

Lihngse comes from a term which means arranging to stay in better lodging.

Prince Maahng Seuhng, a nobleman during the Warring States Period, liked to invite talented people to his house and provide them with food and lodging. A poor man named Fuhng Hyun also went to seek refuge with him. Since he looked like an ordinary man, he was put in the lower lodging. There the food was poor, and after a few days, Fuhng Hyun hit his sword and said, “Let me go! There’s no fish to eat here.” Prince Maahng Seuhng heard about it and moved him to the middle lodging. After another couple of days, Fuhng Hyun hit his sword again and said, “Let me go! Here there’s no carriage to ride on.” Prince Maahng Seuhng moved him up the highest lodging. Seeing that Prince Maahng Seuhng was so nice to him, Fuhng Hyun later on helped him to become the prime minister of the state of Chaih.

There are changes coming soon to this website. I’ve spent weeks searching for design assistance to make my site more customized (this is what I get for picking a free template). The top three items I’m trying to figure out are:

1. Color design: finding the right colors that reflect my personality and will complement my author headshot and my book cover art design
2. Static versus dynamic page: whether to choose a front page with constantly changing info or a still image (I’m leaning towards the second, so that there’s a more streamlined look)
3. Tabs: which ones to choose from (“About Me,” “FAQs,” etc.) 

I’ll also be switching over from a Blogger blog to a WordPress one (this is in part due to their easy content management system, so that I don’t have to tweak my blog by altering the HTML). Look for a new website/blog combo next month!

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  1. Good luck! Looking forward to the new look.

  2. Thanks, Heather!

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