Photos Revisited

Soujausi: troubles left behind/unfinished thingsDuring the Tang dynasty, a poet named Lauh Yuh Sehk (A.D. 772-843) achieved the chisi rank (equal to provincial governor) in Soujau.  There he saw a beautiful girl called Douh Waih Leuhng, who was the minister of public works' concubine.  He wrote her this poem:   She sets her cloudy hair in the most popular style,  The songs which she sings are as soft as spring breezes.  Minister Leih will take it as a very usual thing since he sees her very … [Read more...]

Author Headshots

Jaidakgwo: worth doingIn ancient times, people considered it a great event to cross a river.  Imagine a person at the bank of a rapid river, with very simple tools at his disposal.  He would cross over only if he believed it worthwhile.I decided to get my author headshots done last week, because I thought it was jaidakgwo.  These  photographs are used by an author on his or her website, blog, or published novel (pretty please).  My decision to go in front of the camera was because of a … [Read more...]