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Cheuiguk: to quickly strengthen a man’s or an animal’s capacity to work

In The Book of Songs, it talks about how the king’s horses are typically fed with grass. However, in times of war, they are given grain (guk) to stimulate (cheui) their energy in a short amount of time.

I was recently given the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Romelle Broas (thank you!), which motivates me to move forward with my writing and blogging. In response, I’ll be nominating seven inspiring blogs that I know of:
Amy Pabalan, a Wordsmith Studio Founder, writes a blog about hitting her targets in spirituality, health, and art. This new year she’s opted to not just strive after a resolution, but a revolution in her life. 
Claudine Jaboro juggles writing, editing, and raising young ones. I’m excited to see her getting back on the blogging track after a brief hiatus.  
Linda Hatton manages Mouse Tales Press, an online literary magazine. She also pursues other creative outlets, like making handmade chapbooks and creating new vegetarian recipes. I’m glad that her new blog explores more of her writing process.      
B. Morrison reviews books every Monday on her blog using her sharp writer’s eye. She also wrote Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother. What could be more inspiring than that?
Amanda Socci’s blog is “a place where creativity meets analysis.” Go and explore it to find numerous insights. I’m also inspired by her latest post about defining yourself in a more positive way and embracing gratitude. 
If you love words, you’ll love Julia Tomiak’s blog, Diary of a Word Nerd. Enough said. 
Elissa Field embraces challenges. It’s inspiring to see her start off 2013 by attacking this year’s goals week by week.

As required by the award, I’m also adding 7 things that I never tire of:
1. Watching sunrises
2. Hearing children’s laughter
3. Eating dim sum
4. Receiving hugs
5. Getting together with friends
6. Diving into a new book
7. Visiting a library

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  1. Jennifer:
    Thank you for your thoughtful nomination of the Creative Idea Gal blog to receive the Very Inspiring blogger award. It appears I am in good company!

    You have rightfully earned your place not just in the inspiration category but in the creative one as well. Your concepts of mixing Asian principles with modern living are always artfully crafted.

  2. Love your “never get tired of…” list! I wished I added dim sum, sunrises, and the library to my list. Anyway, your list of inspiring bloggers are all excellent! If I had more room, I’d add all of them since I follow them all too! Congrats again. Well deserved!

  3. Jennifer, thanks so much for the nomination — and I agree with your choice of the other 6. You’re reminding me to go check out some blogs I haven’t visited in awhile. There is so much to be inspired by among this group — yourself included! You made my day. :)

  4. Thank you, Jennifer! I especially appreciate that you described the blogs instead of just listing them. There are one or two I haven’t seen yet & am looking forward to.

  5. Jennifer, Thanks so much for this award, and for compiling, in a succinct manner, a list of wonderful blogs to read! I too like that you included a little tid bit about each one. I really appreciate your recognition and look forward to being inspired by you in the coming year!

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