Writing Highlights from 2012

Deihseui: blind man

In Gwongdung province, there is a folk song called “Deihseui naahmyam.” Deihseui refers to a blind (man) musician. In ancient times, almost all music masters were blind men.

Music, the life of celebrations.

Instead of a Christmas letter, I usually send out a New Year’s mailing. This is mostly due to procrastination, but I also like reviewing the whole calendar year before I write to family and friends. Oftentimes, though, I feel like a blind man, not knowing what to put down on paper. It’s like those times when you meet a stranger at a holiday party or an old friend during a high school reunion; you’re not quite sure how to answer the question, “How are you doing?”

I find that the best way to tackle my writer’s block is to look through past photos. It helps jostle my memory so that I can appreciate all the important things that have happened throughout the year. Reflecting on this last year, I’ve compiled a list of the following highlights in my writing journey:

-Started my blog
-Given Liebster Blog, The Versatile Blogger, and Sunshine Award
-Received finalist standing and honorable mention in two contests
-Tackled two conferences: Literary Orange & Writer’s Digest West
-Finished three UCLA writing courses
-Participated in the Submit-O-Rama challenge
-Met authors Lisa See and Jamie Ford
-Participated in guest blogging (provided one post on Taiwan, received one post on blue doors)

I feel much more productive and encouraged after reading through this list! Why don’t you review your emails, photos, etc., and then come tell me about your 2012? Happy New Year, everybody! 

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award


  1. Congratulations to your awards and for completing your challenges and courses! Happy New Year, Jennifer!

  2. Oh wow, I must missed the awards-unless you didn’t mention them and in that case always mention them in the future :)so congratulations! Your post gave me a little kick in the pants to review my own year. The highlight was meeting Louise Erdrich and having her sign her book, and hearing Toni Morrison speak at Chateau Vincennes, France.

    • Maybe “awards” is a hyperbole–I received one finalist standing and an honorable mention for a story I submitted to two different contests.
      Your highlights are wonderful, too. And exploring France? I loved hearing about your trip’s experiences via your blog!

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