Round 2 with Amazon

Wan Kaausaan: to find a powerful man to back you up

Chinese people choose to live in places with the best fengshui. When they build a house, they locate it on the southern slope of a hill, which serves to block off the chilly north wind. Having a hill also provides a sense of security; by extension, a powerful person that backs you up is known as a kaausaan.

What more powerful person company exists than Amazon? I’m excited to announce that I made it to the second rounds of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award last week. Winners were announced on February 13, 2013. If you’re really curious, you can see my name listed under “General Fiction” on the Amazon page.

Usually, I’ll celebrate achievements with a loopy grin and maybe a piece of dark chocolate. However, since this was a long weekend coinciding with continuing Chinese New Year festivities, I adopted previously planned events as part of my merrymaking:

-I attended a musical (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying) put on by a local children’s theatre company. I was very inspired by their creativity and enthusiasm for the arts!
-I feasted and had dim sum again. What are the chances that I would pick another restaurant that would run out of dan tat? All I can say is thank goodness for nearby Asian bakeries :)

What are some ways that you celebrate when you reach a goal?

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  1. That is wonderful! Very exciting! Congratulations to you!!!

  2. Now this is how you start the New Year!
    Congratulations! This is so inspiring.

  3. Congrats Jennifer! When do you know if you advance to the next round? (Because I know you will!)

  4. Congratulations, Jennifer! How exciting. That definitely deserves a celebration. My family likes to celebrate with a trip to our favorite sushi place.We don’t eat out so much so it is a treat for us. May you have more to celebrate in the upcoming months- March 12 to be exact!

  5. Yay! that is so exciting, congrats in order as this is quite a feat, there must have been thousands! I celebrate with meals too, happy dances, and giving thanks.

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