Ethnic Baby Dolls

“A mouse can see only an inch.” -Chinese proverb

A newborn can see up to 12 inches. The New Year reminds me of beginnings…and babies. This may also be because I know a number of new and expecting moms.

It’s been interesting to see the development of baby dolls over time. I swear that several years ago, I didn’t see any Asian dolls at the store. In fact, I had to order one online (thank you, Corolle).


Well, there were some Ni Hao Kai-lan ones, but I had wanted a soft baby doll back then. It was a sad sight to see the lack of beautiful Asian girls in the toy section (even Disney princesses are rare).

Now, I see an explosion of multicultural dolls. There are babies with different skin color shades and facial features. Older girl dolls are available as well (although I still think the American Girl version doesn’t look quite right–note the difference between the book’s picture and the doll).

I’m glad to see different ethnicities finally celebrated. However, I’ve still been told by one near and dear to me that “princesses have yellow hair.” Sigh…

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  1. Because my adoptive parents where in Asia before I was born and then my adoptive father returned for a little over three of my formative doll years, I grew up with mostly Asian dolls…even as I was growing up in the American Midwest. The doll that I always had to sleep with was a Vietnamese boy doll. He was the cuddliest. Just the right size. All cotton with embroidered facial features and a Chinese-style queue.

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