Foodie Friday: Sesame Sticks

Sesame sticks: rectangular sesame treats If you haven't already heard, Monday marked the beginning of Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Monkey in 2016 (the fire monkey, to be exact). Overseas, people get seven days off to celebrate the holidays. When we were visiting Taiwan, people looked at us funny because kids don't get winter break there--their time off is consolidated around the lunar new year. Besides meeting up with family, New Year is a great time to eat tried-and-true treats. … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Steamed Fish

Steamed fish: whole fish in a soy sauce broth, garnished with ginger and scallions Happy Chinese New Year! One of the best dishes served during this festive time is steamed whole fish. It's a symbol of prosperity because the characters for "fish" and "surplus" sound very similar. The fish must be served whole, which signifies a lucky year, from start to end. I love this simple dish because it's quick and tasty while using minimal ingredients. Growing up, I heard that you should never … [Read more...]

Ethnic Baby Dolls

"A mouse can see only an inch." -Chinese proverb A newborn can see up to 12 inches. The New Year reminds me of beginnings...and babies. This may also be because I know a number of new and expecting moms. It's been interesting to see the development of baby dolls over time. I swear that several years ago, I didn't see any Asian dolls at the store. In fact, I had to order one online (thank you, Corolle). Well, there were some Ni Hao Kai-lan ones, but I had wanted a soft baby doll back … [Read more...]