Foodie Friday: Fried Squid

Fried squid: spicy battered pieces of squid

fried squid
This is basically seafood tempura, kicked up a notch. There’s a nice tang that comes with the salt and peppercorn seasoning. Often chiles garnish the top of this dish.

On a side note, “fried squid” in Chinese can be translated to “you’re fired!”. In the old days, employees took their bedding with them to work sites. If they got fired, they would have to roll up their mattress and leave. This transformation from flat to curled mimics the way a squid cooks and led to the saying.


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  1. My boys love this. Now i can share with them this interesting fact. Now they can associate fried squid with Donald Trump, “you’re fired!” Lol.

  2. I like fried squid, too. Maybe because it doesn’t look like squid all cut up and coated. My Mom likes it cooked in ginger and vinegar, then sauteed in garlic, onions and tomatoes. It looks like squid. So, yeah. Not for me.

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