Foodie Friday: Pork Sung Bun

Pork sung bun: bread that’s coated with a layer of shredded, dry pork

pork sung bun

Pork sung is known by names like “meat wool” or “meat floss.” It comes in distinctive fibers, like cotton candy for meat lovers. The pork melts in your mouth, providing an addictive salty/meaty taste. (There are also other varieties which use fish or beef.) Pork sung is made by stewing pork in a soy sauce mixture and then pulling apart the meat strands. Later, it is dried by heating in an oven and frying over a large wok.

Asian stores will sell them in small round containers or massive jars. Often, it’s used as a topping on things like tofu or soy milk. I actually didn’t eat too much while growing up, but later on in life, I discovered one of my favorite ways to eat it: pork sung sprinkled on top of congee. It really adds flavor to rice porridge.

One recent twist I tried is the pork sung bun. Although it looked pretty tasty, I have to give the bun a thumbs down. The simple recipe uses fresh baked bread, a thin layer of mayo, and pork sung on top. I’m not really a big fan of mayo, so next time, I’ll just have my pork sung plain.

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