Foodie Friday: Congee

Congee: rice porridge








I’m feeling a bit under the weather today… which leads me to today’s post about congee. It’s a great meal when you’re sick. The porridge turns out hot and soothing to your throat. Also, it’s an easy dish to make: Boil rice over a long period of time (I hear some rice cookers have a special “congee” setting), adding in broth for further flavor. The jook (Cantonese) or muay (Taiwanese) can be topped off by bright green scallions, youtiao (fried bread sticks), or meaty pork sung (see photo above).


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  1. There’s something about rice that goes so well with a sick bed. I remember having mono and pneumonia at once, (scuba diving, contaminated regulator, ice cold water…long story), anyway, for about two months all I would eat…could eat…was my grandmother’s risotto. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Mono and pneumonia… wow. Risotto sounds good right about now, too. Thanks for the well wishes, Veronica!


  1. […] need to fill our bodies with good things, nourishing foods. Sparked by my post on colds and congee, I’ve been thinking about nutritious soups I’ve encountered. Here are my top five soup […]

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