Foodie Friday: Eight Treasure Dessert

Eight treasure dessert: sticky rice decorated with 8 toppings I admit it. This is a really pretty dish! I usually think of sticky rice as part of the main course, but I've found it in a dessert now. The eight "treasures" are different fruits and nuts that go on top of the rice. Often, they serve some sort of symbolism (e.g. lotus seeds bring happy marriages). Inside the dessert is a sweet surprise of red bean paste. Although I'm not a huge fan of red bean desserts, this does have a nice … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Blood Rice Cake

Blood rice cake: mochi-like rice popsicle Sometimes I try not to think too much about what I'm actually eating. Especially when it comes to stuff like pigs' blood. Blood rice cake is sticky rice mixed with pigs' blood. Thankfully, it's covered in peanut powder and garnished with cilantro. It's jello-like in its consistency (which is what I pretended I was really eating). There's a very subtle pork flavor to it. Definitely an interesting long as you don't think too much about … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Pineapple Fried Rice

Pineapple fried rice: classic rice dish with tropical overtones Craving an exotic twist to simple fried rice? Layer some pineapple on top and voilà! Here are some fun pineapple facts: Name comes from its resemblance to the pine cone Produces beautiful flowers, ranging various shades of purple and red Sailors carried it to prevent scurvy Area near the base of the fruit is sweeter and more tender Dole Plantation's Pineapple Garden Maze is the world's largest maze The first … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Congee

Congee: rice porridge             I'm feeling a bit under the weather today... which leads me to today's post about congee. It's a great meal when you're sick. The porridge turns out hot and soothing to your throat. Also, it's an easy dish to make: Boil rice over a long period of time (I hear some rice cookers have a special "congee" setting), adding in broth for further flavor. The jook (Cantonese) or muay (Taiwanese) can be topped off by … [Read more...]