Foodie Friday: Lychee Ice

Lychee ice: slushie drink made with lychee fruit I’m clinging onto the last days of summer and fighting off the heat with cool drinks like this. Lychee is one of my favorite fruits (although I do prefer the similar-tasting longan more). Supposedly, you shouldn’t eat too many lychees at a time. I grew up categorizing Chinese foods into warm, cool, and neutral. The lychee fruit is warming. When overeaten, it can cause negative side effects—like nosebleeds. I haven’t experienced that … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Golden Berries

Golden Berries: tart berries with golden skin I found a new fruit at the grocery store. Why not try it out, I thought. Golden berries sounded decadent. They're also known as cape gooseberries. Imagine my surprise when I realized these berries are renown for their tartness. They really pack a sour punch. It's not just the skin that exudes tartness, but the middle of the berry as well. They weren't to my liking, but I had family members who enjoyed the sour twist. (Of course, these are … [Read more...]

LA Apple Picking

"Your efforts will be worthwhile." I wanted to do something involving fall fun recently. Apple picking seemed like the best option. Sure, Los Angeles isn't known for its apples (I have lived in New York, so I've seen the beautiful orchards out there). However, it's got a nice share of U-pick farms in the San Bernardino area. Oak Glen boasts a number of ranches. It has a scenic loop with a bunch of apple-based businesses. We decided to check out the following destinations on our recent … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Mango Lychee Mousse

Foodie Friday: Mango Lychee Mousse This is a really fun dessert! As you can see, there are yummy chunks of mango on top. There are even a few lychee bits buried like treasure on the bottom. The whole thing is actually really light because of the mousse texture. Unfortunately, because of this, it feels insubstantial, like you can't really taste the dessert part of it, just fruit. I'd have preferred maybe a bit of cake to ground the flavors. Overall, a visually pleasing dessert. … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Durian Ice Cream

Tried out… Durian ice cream: creamy, powerful-tasting ice cream You can smell this “king of the fruits” from a mile away. There’s a certain almost rotting quality to the stench. It makes you want to crinkle your hose. It’s hard to describe the durian taste—a mouthful of flavor that hits you in the stomach; an earthy, pungent flavor. But I figured that would be reduced in ice cream. Nope. It’s still got super intense taste (and smell). Thankfully, it was tempered by the egg waffle. Fun … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice: sweet dessert made with fresh fruit and coconut-flavored rice This is generally a seasonal dish, when mangoes are freely available. It's definitely a dessert, since it's got sweetened rice and ripe mangoes. It's a nice combo because you've got the soft chewiness of the sticky rice paired with juicy fruit. I also like the coconut flavoring of the milk, which gives it a tropical taste. Here's a recipe to make mango sticky rice at home. Fun fact: In Malaysia, they have a … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Grapefruit Green Tea

Grapefruit green tea: yep, grapefruit juice mixed with tea Let me tell you. On a beautiful summer day (first day of summer = June 20th), there's nothing more desired than a glass of something refreshing. My latest fave? Green tea mixed with grapefruit juice. It's a great combo of tart and sweet. I guess it's a bit like an Arnold Palmer--but more Asian-style. Cheers!   … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Guava

Guava: fragrant and musky tropical fruit Taiwan has a pretty tropical climate, so it's no wonder that I got to eat many different kinds of fruits there. (As an aside, it was so warm and humid that I sometimes didn't wear a coat, and people gave me strange looks during my visit.) A lot of relatives offered me guava on my trip. Confession: I first ate guava in Hawaii and never got used to the taste. It has a very overpowering flavor when it's super ripe. The scent fills up your throat. Plus, … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Persimmon

Persimmon: a light orange, sweet fruit Fall has beautiful bursts of color. I love the tangerine look of Fuyu persimmons. They remind me of tiny little pumpkins, and I'm always glad when this fruit is in season. I also have great memories of eating them with my dad. If you haven't tried them, this type of persimmon offers a crisp flesh. (The softer variety is better for baking cookies, though!) It's pear-like in its texture, but with a stronger sweet flavor. The sugar factor is less than a … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Golden Kiwi

I tried the delicious... Golden kiwi: sweet, yellow kiwi  This is the sweeter version of its green counterpart. The flesh of the fruit is not as tart, and the skin is a more delicate thickness. (The outside is also less hairy!) While green and golden kiwis share similar nutritional profiles, there are some slight differences. Golden kiwis have more vitamin C and folate. Green kiwis have more dietary fiber. Golden kiwi has a shorter storage life, which makes it difficult to find in many … [Read more...]