Foodie Friday First: Durian Ice Cream

Tried out…

Durian ice cream: creamy, powerful-tasting ice cream

durian ice cream

You can smell this “king of the fruits” from a mile away. There’s a certain almost rotting quality to the stench. It makes you want to crinkle your hose. It’s hard to describe the durian taste—a mouthful of flavor that hits you in the stomach; an earthy, pungent flavor.

But I figured that would be reduced in ice cream. Nope. It’s still got super intense taste (and smell). Thankfully, it was tempered by the egg waffle.

Fun fact: In Malay-Indonesian languages, duri means “spike”; the durian fruit has a very spiky shell.

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  1. I’m happy to read your opinion about this durian fruit, Jennifer, because I’ve never been able to eat it and even … smell it. Like you, I would have hoped that ice cream would have changed this strong and not very pleasant smell. The picture hints at a yummy dish, though:)

  2. I’ve heard people talk about durian a lot but never tasted or smelled it. I guess I haven’t searched it out. You definitely are a real foodie.

  3. I tried durian ages ago in the Bahamas. I remember really liking it. (They called it sugar apple) But each time I tried it after, I really hated it. No idea what that’s about. Maybe durian in ice cream is something I might like.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Hmm, that’s interesting. I tried something called custard apple before and that’s really tasty. Totally different fruits, though. I hear jackfruit is a much tamer and enjoyable alternative to durian.

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