Foodie Friday: Mango Lychee Mousse

Foodie Friday: Mango Lychee Mousse

lychee mango mousse

This is a really fun dessert! As you can see, there are yummy chunks of mango on top. There are even a few lychee bits buried like treasure on the bottom.

The whole thing is actually really light because of the mousse texture. Unfortunately, because of this, it feels insubstantial, like you can’t really taste the dessert part of it, just fruit. I’d have preferred maybe a bit of cake to ground the flavors.

Overall, a visually pleasing dessert.

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  1. Do you have the recipe for this dessert, Jennifer? I tend to agree with you that a cake layer at the bottom is always wonderful. But it’s also lighter without the cake.

  2. Definitely a visually appealing dessert. So pretty!

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