Foodie Friday: Pork Belly Sandwich

Pork belly sandwich: tender meat sandwiched in a steamed bun wrapper

pork belly sandwich






Pork belly is a totally accurate name; it comes from the underside of the pig. You might be surprised to learn that bacon is found in there, too. Likewise, both cuts of meat are pretty tasty. (In fact, pork belly is a very common ingredient in both Chinese and Korean cuisines.)

Now imagine that succulent meat wrapped in a steamed bun, similar to the fluffy pancakes found in (at least, Americanized versions of) Peking Duck. Throw in a few vegetables and a healthy dose of cilantro. That’s what the belly pork sandwich is: a scrumptious all-in-one-meal that combines hearty meat with flavor with the tang of herbs.


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  1. Another cool Friday recipe, Jennifer. I am home today, catching up with so many blogs!
    I don’t eat pork, not for religious reasons, but it has never been my favorite meat. On the other side your steam buns sound fantastic and I love them very much when I eat Dim Sum. And cilantro? I eat the herb from my planted pot.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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