Foodie Friday: Pork Belly Bun

Pork belly bun: steamed bun with slices of pork belly I've long been a fan of Peking duck--with the American version of wrappers. I don't like those authentic thin crepes that come with the dish. Instead, I enjoy soft steamed buns for holding my fixings. And what's not to love about a pork belly bun? I mean, the ingredients for an authentic Taiwanese bun are: Steamed bun (moist bread--mantou, which you can buy frozen from the Asian market and steam at your own leisure) Pork belly (gua … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Pork Belly Sandwich

Pork belly sandwich: tender meat sandwiched in a steamed bun wrapper           Pork belly is a totally accurate name; it comes from the underside of the pig. You might be surprised to learn that bacon is found in there, too. Likewise, both cuts of meat are pretty tasty. (In fact, pork belly is a very common ingredient in both Chinese and Korean cuisines.) Now imagine that succulent meat wrapped in a steamed bun, similar to the fluffy pancakes … [Read more...]

A 626 Night Market Fairy Tale

"The eyes are wide but the stomach is narrow." -Chinese proverb _______________________________________________________________________________________________ The Tale of the Reappearing Fish: a 626 Night Market Fairy Tale   Once upon a time, there was a princess named Jennifer. The royal chef made plates of Chinese delicacies for her to consume but forbade her to eat until the designated meal time. The princess would watch the fire dance in the pit of the wok's belly and smell … [Read more...]