Foodie Friday: Oyster Omelet

Oyster omelet: gooey egg concoction with oysters and savory sauce

oyster omelet

Omelet is in the upper left hand corner.

I like omelets. I’m a big fan of the incredible edible egg. Oyster omelets are another species entirely. They’ve got some eggs thrown in, but a good chunk of the mixture is sweet potato starch or tapioca starch.

The texture turns out to be very chewy and gooey. Add some slippery oysters in, and the sliminess is not my typical preference. (I still have never been able to slurp down raw oysters.) The savory sauce upgrades the omelet–a key ingredient is ketchup, a fave of mine. I’m still not a wholehearted believer in this dish, though. (Although I might be predisposed against oyster omelets because my hubby got sick buying it off the street before.)

You do have to try it at least once. It’s the quintessential Taiwanese night market snack, and I’ve never seen anything else like it before.  Maybe if you’re a big seafood fan and a lover of gooey things, it’ll work for you.

What’s a new and strange dish you’ve tried?


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