Foodie Friday: Ube Cake

Ube cake: chiffon cake made with purple yams

ube cake
I really love this bright violet color! It cheers me up whenever I see it. This is a light cake that really gives you the yummy yam flavor (that’s if you like root vegetables, though). On a side note, I tend to confuse taro with ube (sorry, Filipino friends), but now I stand corrected:


  • usually white, or maybe a light purple
  • poisonous if eaten raw
  • called “elephant ears”


  • dark purple in color
  • grows on vine above ground
  • not as typical in US (but you can find the powder in frozen sections of Asian markets)



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  1. Yummy!
    I make a cheesecake with sweet potatoes or yams, too, that is much lighter than a regular one, so I imagine the same with the chiffon cake. The purple color is so cheerful!

  2. I love ube cake! I wonder if ube and taro taste the same. I probably wouldn’t be able to taste the difference if they made ube cake out of taro.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      I think the two taste slightly different, but the great purple color makes ube extra special!

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