Foodie Friday First: Crumpet

Crumpet: an English griddle cake, often served for breakfast 


“How would you like a nice spot of tea?” One of my favorite lines from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It’s so very English. I actually had a college friend who adored tea parties. Every social gathering we had would turn into tea time. In fact, I ate my very first scone because of her influence.

Sadly, I’ve been late to the dining game with another traditional English treat: crumpets. When I visited Seattle over the summer, though, I made up for my lack of knowledge by going to The Crumpet Shop. It’s apparently been making these scrumptious delights for 36 years!

On first taste, I compared the crumpet to the waffle. It’s got a delightful crunch to the bottom layer. My husband soundly objected. He thought the crumpet (his first time as well) was more akin to the English muffin. Well, here’s a chart to compare all three:

Crumpet English Muffin Waffle
Recipe Batter Dough Batter
Served Whole Split Whole
Shape Circle Circle Square
Surface Holey Flat Grid
Texture Spongy Toasted Crisp
Tool Crumpet Ring Oven Griddle


What would you compare the classic crumpet to?

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  1. I love crumpets and English tea time! Your husband and you are tied, I think. The crumpets to me are a mix of English muffins and mini waffles. But they are still distinct and I favor them to muffins and waffles. Like you I came late to crumpets but better late than never, right? I love them with orange marmelade and for breakfast.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Tied? Thanks, Evelyne. They are pretty distinctive, though, so maybe it is hard to compare them with other things. I’ll have to try them with orange marmalade next time!

  2. I’ve never had a crumpet. I’m going to Seattle over Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll have to check that shop out. :)

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Definitely check it out, Carrie. It’s right next to Pike Place Market, which is a great site to visit as well. Watch out for the flying fish!

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