Foodie Friday First: Bubble Waffle

Tried out my first... Bubble waffle: poofy waffles that have raised bumps These are also known as Hong Kong egg waffles. Made using a special mold, they're soft and chewy. Often, they have extra hidden goodies inside the bubbles. My favorite? Mochi. See video below to see how to make them: P.S. I'll be doing a top ten list next week to go over my new blogging topics. … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Crumpet

Crumpet: an English griddle cake, often served for breakfast  "How would you like a nice spot of tea?" One of my favorite lines from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's so very English. I actually had a college friend who adored tea parties. Every social gathering we had would turn into tea time. In fact, I ate my very first scone because of her influence. Sadly, I've been late to the dining game with another traditional English treat: crumpets. When I visited Seattle over the summer, … [Read more...]