Foodie Friday: Chili Dumplings

Chili dumplings: a cross between wonton and siu mai, doused in a chili oil-soy sauce mix

chili dumplings

These were handmade.

Technically, this dish is called “meat dumpling in chili oil.” It’s a classic Szechuan dish (the Chinese region known for tongue-tingling delights). Now, I’ve had dumplings before (xiao long bao, wonton, and whatnot). I also have varieties of chili paste in my pantry (thanks to my spice-loving dad). But putting the two together? An amazing culinary experience.

The skin of these dumplings are wonton soft. They’re those wrappers (thin-sliced and found in the freezer aisle of grocery stores) that melt in your mouth. It’s also got a very round and structured shape à la siu mai on dim sum carts. Inside lies steamed pork (and sometimes shrimp). The winner of the dish is the chili oil sauce, though: a mouth-watering combination of fresh garlic, savory soy sauce, tangy vinegar, and spicy chili. You can find a great recipe for it here.

What’s one of your favorite spicy dishes?

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