Foodie Friday: Siu Mai

Siu mai: dim sum dumplings, usually filled with meat I can’t believe I haven’t food blogged about this before. Siu mai is a staple of the dim sum cart. The dumplings are quite distinctive because of the pleated edges that decorate their tops. Usually, these dumplings are filled with ground pork, and possibly shrimp. A few other ingredients like mushrooms and scallions round out the flavor. Like other steamed dumplings, the layer of dough is very thin, so it’s the taste of the … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Chili Dumplings

Chili dumplings: a cross between wonton and siu mai, doused in a chili oil-soy sauce mix Technically, this dish is called "meat dumpling in chili oil." It's a classic Szechuan dish (the Chinese region known for tongue-tingling delights). Now, I've had dumplings before (xiao long bao, wonton, and whatnot). I also have varieties of chili paste in my pantry (thanks to my spice-loving dad). But putting the two together? An amazing culinary experience. The skin of these dumplings are wonton … [Read more...]