Chinese Calligraphy

“Someone in your life needs a letter from you.”


The other day my daughter told me she was impressed by cursive writing. She likes the fancy swirls and loops connecting all the letters together. In the same way, I’m in awe of the calligraphy artist.

I tried several times during my childhood to imitate the flowing strokes. I had my own brushes and ink well, but I always seemed to fall short. There is so much skill involved in holding the brush at the correct angle and applying the right amount of pressure.

Chinese letters are so visual, which each character embedding symbols in its structure. Chinese calligraphy has been traced to even the earliest times in the country’s history. It’s no wonder that in ancient China, scholars actually were considered the elite and held many positions of power.

Did you know that you can make your own Chinese calligraphy letters using this website?

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  1. It’s a shame some American schools are no longer teaching cursive. Seems much easier than printing. I wonder if Chinese schools offer calligraphy classes?

  2. I agree with you that it takes a lot of skill to use a brush, but i have only been doing Calligraphy for a few years. I bet they are still teaching calligraphy class in China, as they do in Japan. Also its sad they don’t teach penmanship anymore in the US or Canada anymore, as I do enjoy writing with my fountain pens.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Thanks for dropping by, Dave! It takes a lot of skill and patience to do calligraphy. However, I do know someone who took up wood carving a few years back, and he’s now progressed to winning ribbons in contests.

  3. Like your daughter I love beautiful calligraphy. My handwriting is not very nice, but one of my aunts has a gorgeous one. I keep her letters to remember how once people were taught calligraphy. And of course it’s more impressive to me with a different alphabet.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      My older cousin used to do calligraphy. I was so envious of all the elegant invitations she sent out!

  4. Very interesting …. but I have no talent for any type of calligraphy.

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