Foodie Friday: Sizzling Seafood

Sizzling seafood: peppered seafood, served hot on a metal plate

sizzling seafood

There’s something a bit dangerous about eating food that’s sizzling away. That’s part of the allure of these particular dishes. (I blogged about sizzling chicken before.)

Usually, they’ve all got a nice kick to them–a healthy dose of pepper. I also love the different colors on display from the veggies and meats on the platter. Here are some more hot plate pics!

Q: What’s the key to the sizzling?
A: A cast iron plate pre-heated in the oven or warmed over a flame.

Happy Book Birthday to Me!
Stories Set in Foreign Lands – Evelyne Holingue


  1. Yummy. Now I want some sizzling chicken fajitas!

  2. I love sizzling food! The appeal is the combo of colors and sound. We don’t really have French sizzling food. We have the crêpes flambées or the Norwegian omelet. But that’s not the equivalent of the sizzling Asian or Mexican dishes.

  3. Veronica Roth says

    Oh I love sizzling dishes. There’s a Japanese restaurant in Van where you have a communal little cooking stove in the middle of the table and your food is brought raw and you cook it for yourself. Not quite the same, but it’s amazing. :D

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