Twitter Timesinks

“Genius is eternal patience.”


Confession: I go on Twitter to check and see how my submissions are going. (As in, maybe that editor will tweet something favorable about a new manuscript that landed in their in-box.) In reality, though, I need to resign myself to the waiting game. Publishing tends to be a crawling business.

Another way I find my hours spinning by on Twitter? Hashtags:

#mswl Manuscript Wish List; what hot topics agents and editors are looking for

#querytip Ways to improve queries

#pubtip Advice on all things publishing

#amediting What struggles other writers are facing

#amwriting Also, what creative exploits other authors are pursuing

Where do you hang out on Twitter or other social media?

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  1. I also love #MSWL and their blog. Sometimes I check in with #writertips and go to their top tweets. Interesting stuff. At least following particular #’s make me feel like I’m using my time wisely :)

  2. I’ve never checked out those hashtags before, but I should go check them out whenever I do sign onto Twitter! Thanks for sharing them. :)

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