Foodie Friday Fiesta

Foodie Friday Fiesta: Lots of yummy eating in Mexico!

sweet bread

Just the usual breakfast bread basket in Mexico

My blog went dark since last week because I was overseas in Mexico! We traveled to Mexico City for nine days (more on that amazing adventure on Monday’s blog). While there, we feasted on goodies. Here’s a brief sample of what I enjoyed:

  • Agua: Not just water, agua frescas are delicious juices served at many stands. What I love about these drinks is that you can combine your most beloved fruits into a customized blend. And they’re really refreshing!
  • Al pastor: Yes, I’ve had this in the U.S., but it was a whole other experience watching the meat rotating on a spit and being sliced out for tacos. Al pastor is made from pork, but it’s quite similar in form to gyros.
  • Arrachera: My hands-down favorite meat. It’s marinated skirt meat and so full of flavor and tenderness. The best combo I had? With bell peppers, onions, and potatoes!
  • Cinnamon rolls: Okay, I don’t know how they make these cubes of deliciousness, but they’re awesome! They’ve got this great fluffiness to them, and they’re not super sweet (or so I convinced myself).
  • Conchas: Shell-shaped pastries, these are quintessential rolls of sweet bread. They actually remind me of pineapple buns with their flaked-sugar topping.
  • Churros: My kids love churros, but they really liked piping fresh ones from the local panadería. They were quite tasty. I don’t remember exactly how they compare to the ones I had in Spain, but both are scrumptious renditions.
  • Mango: These are the yellow variety and sweeter than their American counterparts. I don’t know what it is about the country, but the ones in Mexico were always perfectly ripe.
  • Mole: Okay, I really enjoy mole. Not the kind from a box (big thumbs down!). Fresh-made mole. I got to eat my favorite kind, mole poblano (yes to chocolate married with spice!).

For all your culinary travels, ¡buen provecho!



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  1. Oh, now we are talking! Just thinking of churros makes my mouth water. I’m sure they are so much better in Mexico than in their Americanized version.

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