Foodie Friday: Green Tea Kit Kat

Ready for Halloween? I’ve got my stash of green tea Kit Kat.

Green tea Kit Kat: Kit Kat bars with green tea cream coating

green tea kit kat

I found this batch at the local Japanese store. So every year, I see this vibrantly colored bag and think I’ve gotten exactly what I want: green tea + chocolate + crunchy wafer. And I get fooled all the time because there’s no chocolate in these! What? Once I get over this surprise, it’s still a pretty cool candy. Especially if I want matcha flavor with a crunch. It’s also not super sweet, so I don’t feel like I’m overindulging.

News flash: Three kinds of green tea Kit Kat are available. No way!

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  1. Oh those are so good! Occasionally a visiting Japanese student brings us some, and although we can always buy them at the Osaka market close by, they taste so much better as a little treat a few times per year. Those and Hi Chews.

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