Foodie Friday First: Popping Boba

I’ve had plenty of boba before. However, I had yet to try popping boba until now.

boba image

Popping boba: balls that pop with juice

They’re still ball-shaped. Instead of having a chewy center, though, the inside is filled with juice. (Mine was lychee.) Once you chew down on one, the liquid pops out. It’s like crunching on a bubble. The skin is super thin, and it’s very light in terms of texture.

I’m still inclined for the more interesting chewiness of regular tapioca balls, but it’s kind of fun to burst boba in the mouth–and they come in various flavors, like mango, peach, etc.

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  1. I have never heard of this. Sounds kind of fun. I would go for it if it is simple ingredients, healthy.

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