Mercado La Paloma

“You are broad minded and socially active.”


I love living in Los Angeles because of its multitude of cultures. One lively gathering place is the Mercado La Paloma. This area in the South Figueroa Corridor historically suffers from a lack of business opportunities and community spaces.

The Esperanza Community Housing Corp decided to renovate an old garment factory to revitalize the area, and this project finished in 2001. The Mercado La Paloma is now home to yummy eateries and unique retail stores.

When I visited, I ate at Chichen Itza, a restaurant that serves top-notch Yucatan dishes. In fact, Gilberto Cetina, the chef and owner, has been recognized as one of the top Latino chefs in the country by GQ and Hispanic Magazine. Look at the photo below, and you’ll see why!

Poc chuc

Fun fact: La paloma means “the dove,” a universal symbol of peace and love. 


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  1. I love Los Angeles too. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the most culturally diverse city of the country. And the food? Wow.

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