Foodie Friday: Arepas

I love being part of a writers’ group. One of my friends there, Lisbeth Coiman, is Venezuelan. I had the luxury of being treated to her home-cooked arepas.

Arepas: tasty “pancakes” made with maize dough


I don’t quite know how to describe these puffy bits of dough. They’re maybe akin to pupusas and have a biscuit-like texture. However, they’re not flaky. There’s a heartiness to them as you bite in.

Arepas can act like bread, and you make sandwiches with them. A lot of  times, the interior ingredients are savory: beans, rice, etc. I think they make great snacks or meals, with their yummy hint of corn flavor.

Fun fact: Arepas have been found in archaeological sites in Colombia and Venezuela. 

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  1. I love biscuits and most breads, so these little things sound pretty tasty:)
    Also their name is easy to remember for me. Un repas in French is a meal.

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