Foodie Friday: Earl Grey Brioche

Earl Grey brioche: bread flavored with Earl Grey tea

A lot of Asian bakeries like to infuse tea into their pastries. Usually, there’s a splash of matcha in a few items. This time around, though, I wanted to check out the Earl Grey offerings.

I found the Earl Grey brioche.

The bread was soft and thick. However, it wasn’t the same fluffy texture of a classic brioche pastry.

I really enjoyed the black striations of tea mixed in. There’s something rich about the taste and scent of bermagot.

My only gripe involved the topping. The fancy layer of white chocolate swirls made the item too sweet and overpowered the subtle tea flavor. Mostly, though, I enjoyed the chance to eat tea for once!

Fun fact: The tea is named after Earl Charles Grey of England (Prime Minister from 1830-1834).

(P.S. There’s a legend that indicates the recipe was given by a Chinese tea blender whose son the prime minister saved from drowning. Though probably fiction, it’s still a fun story to tell.)

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  1. Whenever I read “brioche” I’m back to my native France. Like you, Jennifer, I love anything tea. Bergamot must bring a great touch to a classic pastry. I was just curious about the white stuff on top of the brioche loaf. Not a huge fan of white chocolate, which I also find too sweet. But still a great find for tea and brioche lovers.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Actually, there was another pastry at the bakery I should’ve tried. It wasn’t brioche, but it was an Earl Grey Melon Pan (just a bun without the white chocolate). I might have liked it better!

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