Foodie Friday: Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake: light, airy cake with a hint of sweetness

I heard the hype surrounding Japanese cheesecake, so I dropped by a branch of Uncle Tetsu‘s (est. 1985) to try a slice. I must admit, it’s an adorable cake (I mean, look at the cute chef stamped on it!).

The cheesecake tastes more like a fluffy sponge cake, with intense cheese flavor that overpowers the slight sugar in the recipe. Sorry, Uncle Tetsu, but I just didn’t enjoy it. Maybe because I was expecting the typical smooth consistency of traditional cheesecake?

Not as sweet as its American counterpart, you might like it, if you’re into more savory types of foods. I’m still going to frequent my local Cheesecake Factory, though.

Fun fact: Uncle Tetsu is named after the founder, Tetsushi Mizokami.

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