Foodie Friday: Ube Soft Serve

Ube soft serve: purple yam ice cream

When it gets hot during the summer, I turn to cool things. And what’s cooler than an amazingly bright purple ice cream? Yep, it’s ube soft serve.

Ube is a type of root vegetable (chock-full of vitamin C, thank you very much). As expected, it tastes earthy, much like sweet potato and taro. The brilliant thing (I couldn’t resist) about ube is its lovely color! The hue just makes you smile.

A lot of Filipino desserts will incorporate ube in their recipes. In fact, “ube” means “purple yam” in Tagalog.

Hope everyone is enjoying a bright and beautiful summer!

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  1. That’s beautiful! Ube isn’t my favorite taste, but in certain dishes like guinataan it’s absolutely necessary for the color.

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