Foodie Friday: Ube Soft Serve

Ube soft serve: purple yam ice cream When it gets hot during the summer, I turn to cool things. And what's cooler than an amazingly bright purple ice cream? Yep, it's ube soft serve. Ube is a type of root vegetable (chock-full of vitamin C, thank you very much). As expected, it tastes earthy, much like sweet potato and taro. The brilliant thing (I couldn't resist) about ube is its lovely color! The hue just makes you smile. A lot of Filipino desserts will incorporate ube in their … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Yellow Sweet Potato

Yellow sweet potato: starchy, sweet root vegetable Now I've eaten yams in the U.S. (although actually, true yams are bland-tasting) and sweet potatoes (with very pale inner flesh)...But in Taiwan, I ate yellow sweet potatoes. They're definitely a lot sweeter than the American pale version--more akin to the bright orange counterparts used in Thanksgiving cooking. Eating them steamed results in a quick and delicious snack or breakfast! Fun fact: Sweet potato plants grow beautiful … [Read more...]