Foodie Friday: Mochi Donuts

Well, I’ve blogged about these treats (filled with cream) before. If you don’t like a cakey interior, you might want to grab a mochi doughnut. It has more of a chewy texture to enjoy.

Two mochi donuts with strawberry glaze and cookies and cream topping
Mochi donuts (with strawberry and cookies & cream flavors)

Other pluses?

  • Won’t miss a bite (without the crumbly, cake nature, you’ll be able to gobble up the whole thing)
  • Offers unique flavors (distinct glazes like pandan, guava, and green tea pair well with the mochi flour)
  • Easy to share (fresh ones often come rounded in break-apart balls, which you can give to a friend)


Want to know where you can score fresh mochi donuts in the Los Angeles area?

My recommended go-to spots are:

King’s Hawaiian (or its sister site, The Local Place)

Modo Hawaii

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