Malice Domestic Experience

This past weekend, I attended the Malice Domestic convention in Bethesda, MD. It’s definitely my-cup-of-tea-conference since it focuses on traditional mysteries.

First challenge: mastering the Metro. I had to attempt to read a map and do a transfer to get to the hotel. (Let me add here that the Metro employees are very helpful.) Success! It did take a while, but I made it to the conference.

Admittedly, it felt overwhelming being with a large crowd of readers, authors, and publishing professionals. My introverted side kicks in quickly. That first night, I just rested.

The following days were filled with meeting others and also fangirling over authors. (Surprise! A few readers came up to me and complimented my work! Hooray!)

Speaking of being a fangirl, I was super happy to see the amazing Walter Mosley. He, of course, has a wonderful career and has been extra supportive of younger authors and instrumental in co-creating Crime Writers of Color (a group I participate in).

Although I prepared for a cold climate, the weather was gorgeous. The days were bright and beautiful. Blossoms ran rampant. I didn’t get a lot of time to meander outdoors, but here’s a picture from the hotel patio:

It was fun attending panels and gleaning wisdom from those who’ve been published for many years. I even got to sit at the dais for an event as well.

Plus, I put on my Vice President hat for Sisters in Crime and urged people to join an international community of encouraging members who respect and advance crime writing fiction.

Sadly, I was mostly inside the hotel for the conference, so I didn’t get to see the surrounding area. However, on the last day, my friend gave me a quick scenic tour by car. I definitely have to come back to really soak in the history!

Where have you gone recently?

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